Flower arrangements for weddings and special events

Flower Addicted creates unique floral arrangements for weddings and special events for those who, through flowers, candles and personalized details, want to create a magical atmosphere their guests will never forget.
Flower arrangements and installations are designed and put together by Angelica Tricarico, flower designer who works alongside a close knit team of florists and outfitters.

For the flower arrangements Angelica tends to organic style, in order to respect the natural shape of flowers. But she is always thrilled to meet the requirements from customers with eclectic and daring souls, sensitive to beauty, art and design. The result is a unique and different style ... but without ever losing sight of good taste!

"Luxury is not the opposite of poverty. It is the opposite of vulgarity." Coco Chanel

Angelica’s style is reflected both in the floral compositions and in the choice of decorative material: she often use unique items which are designed and handmade by her or material she collected during her travels from every part of Italy and other Mediterranean countries. Each of our flower arrangements is highly personalized.
You will take great pleasure in the planning of the flower arrangements with her.

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