Flower arrangements for special events

Flower Addicted creates floral arrangements for all types of corporate events, celebrations and private functions.

The flowers and composition are selected and designed with passion and care by our flower designer Angelica Tricarico. The creation of flower arrangements for an event involves all of our specialized staff in the preparation, delivery, installation and removal of the decorations. Angelica attends every event, and is keen that her staff always work with the utmost professionalism, respecting the places and the people who work there.

Arrangements for wedding

Flower Addicted lives out your dreams. Each floral arrangement is highly personalized, and comes to life from the synergy between your wishes and Angelica’s creativity.

The creative approach, the research of materials and customized floral arrangements made specially for your wedding with fresh flowers, make it unique and exclusive.

Angelica loves to share the entire creative process with her customers. She has a natural propensity for a classic and elegant style yet she is also thrilled to meet any unusual requirements which may come from eclectic souls, sensitive to art and design, who want to impress their guests with original floral decorations and sophisticated details. The result is a unique style that adapts to the customer’s requests ... but without ever losing sight of good taste!

"Luxury is not the opposite of poverty. Is the opposite of vulgarity." Coco Chanel

Marriage is a truly special event in the life of each couple. We will guide you in the setting up of a unique wedding which will immerse your guests in a magical atmosphere. We can provide wedding flower arrangements for ceremonies in exclusive locations in Central and Southern Italy. From the green hills of Tuscany and ancient farms of Puglia, to the stunning Amalfi Coast. Dream locations that require special attention in the preparation, assembly and disassembly of the floral arrangements.

Wedding flowers

Critical to the realization of a floral arrangement for ceremonies is the choice of flowers for the wedding. Our seasonal flowers come from the fertile lands of Puglia near Bari in the small village of Terlizzi which is one of the main centers in Italy for the production of flowers and is appropriately called the "Flower" City. Our laboratory is located in Terlizzi and this allows us to select top quality flowers, choosing what we like directly from the local nurseries in the area.

We have a wide variety of local flowers in every season, but thanks to the Terlizzi flower market, we can also buy imported flowers and therefore we are always able to find out of season flowers for the realization of special bouquets or centerpieces.

Flower arrangements for weddings

Our floral arrangements are conceived, designed and made up entirely by us, by hand in our laboratory in Terlizzi,a small village in Puglia, north of Bari.

We love to maintain a natural style in the composition of the arrangements, choosing decorative material of the highest quality.

The materials used for our projects come from all over Italy and from different places in the world. Unique objects with special details which are selected during our travels. We have a large collection of props: glass and metal vases, candelabra and candles of various kinds, structures for events and ceremonies, design seating, various types of containers and other carefully chosen objects

Olive sappling

The wedding favour is a lovely gesture, a small gift with which the spouses thank their guests for attending the reception. We propose an olive tree as a perfect favour for a rustic or rustic-chic wedding but also for other types of wedding ceremonies, as long as it can be linked to the wedding style, or in a symbolic sense, to the bride and groom. It is a small olive sappling, a Mediterranean version of the bonsai tree.

Together with our growers we have designed a perfect sized tree which can be easily carried away by the guests while still preserving the charm of the olive tree . The olive tree is also ideal as favours for a birth or a baptism ceremony, as a young sappling  which will grow along with the child.