Wedding flowers

Very important for the wedding design is the choice of flowers. We always prefer to use seasonal local flowers. This matters a lot to us because we are based next to the Terlizzi flower market, one of the most famous floricultural hub in Italy.
Most of the flowers we use, indeed, comes from the lands of Bari, in Puglia.

Sometimes we use imported flowers too, and therefore we are always able to find out of season flowers for the realization of special bouquets or centerpieces.

We have ALWAYS preferred no floral foam techniques, we promote the use of paper in packaging instead of plastic among our flower farmers, and we make choices that minimize the environmental impact of our work. We do it not to ride the wave of environmental sustainability, but because we believe that this attention should be part of the normal behavior of every company, as well as of every citizen.

Flower arrangements for weddings and special events

We create unique floral arrangements for weddings and special events  for those who, through flowers and candles, wants to create a magical atmosphere their guests will never forget.

Flower arrangements and installations are designed and put together by Angelica Tricarico, floral-designer who works alongside a close knit team of florists and outfitters.

For the flower arrangements Angelica tends to a sober style, in order to respect the natural shape of flowers. But she is always thrilled to meet whimsical requirements from eclectic and daring souls, sensitive to beauty, art and design. The result is a unique and different style...  without ever losing sight of good taste!

"Luxury is not the opposite of poverty. It is the opposite of vulgarity." Coco Chanel

Love Stories

Floral arrangements in the most beautiful wedding locations

We are based in the small village of Terlizzi neae Bari, the main city of Puglia (Apulia), in the South of Italy, where the weather is warm, the sun shines, the sea is perfect and the food is very inviting. We will be happy to provide your wedding flowers here in Puglia and all around the South and the Center of Italy (Apulia, Basilicata, Sicily, Calabria, Amalfi coast, Umbria, Tuscany...).

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