Stella and Vladi

Everything speaks about spring

Wedding Planner Exclusive Italy Weddings

Venue> Belmond Hotel Caruso

First Photographer>Kristen Kilpatrik

Second Photographer Gianni di Natale

Stationary Dodo Design

Stella and Vladi's wedding took place on the sea view terrace of the Hotel Caruso, in Amalfi coast, Italy.
Stella wanted a spring inspired wedding design ... and who better than flowers can talk about spring?
A spring floral-design can only be a triumph of peonies and roses matched with small seasonal flowers and inflorescences.
For both the Jewish ceremony and the centerpieces, we chose a flower palette made up with all the shades of pink and coral, to create that spring romantic and sparkling atmosphere.
The ceremony took place overlooking the sea, under a blooming cuppah, typical of Jewish ceremonies, adorned by a pink silk drape.
The centerpiece was enhanced by a very refined mise en place: the customized chargers and menus with floral motifs, and the napkins embroidered with the initials of the couple and closed by colorful tassels. To complete the list of details, the candle holders were combined with the wooden chairs and the candles were perfectly matched with the palette, in a warm pink, tending to coral.