Thalia & Joseph

Magic at Borgo Egnazia

The symbolic ceremony is on the fabulous 4 torri terrace at Borgo Egnazia. The terrace  offers a unique view over the ancient Apulian olive groove. A flowers installation, with a fairy tale flavor, frames the bride and groom's vows. It's not a classic flower arch but a rectangular blooming frame.
Natural flowers arrangements are disposed along the aisle, alternating with wooden candle holders. The rope carpet is perfectly matched to the context.
Thalia's desire of a woodland effect is accomplished! Naturalness of the flower installations, composed with lot of greenery and only few flowers (but many varieties).
The dinner is in the Borgo Egnazia square, like a typical Apulian wedding. The rectangular tables are uniquely decorated: a garlands of greenery and particular flowers run along the tables, as long as hundreds hanging candles seem to fly like fireflies over the heads of the guests.
Look at the tables from afar ... isn't it magic?

Photo Bottega 53

Video Marco Caputo