The olive tree: the perfect favour for a destination wedding in Italy

The wedding favour is a very nice act, a gift with which the bride and the groom thank their guests for taking part in the day that will start their life together.

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini

If you wish an original wedding favour for a destination wedding in Italy, you might have already taken into account a plant as a gift. We would like you to consider, instead, an actual new-born olive tree, a kind of Mediterranean version of bonsai: unlike bonsai it is ready to be planted in larger pots or in open ground... to become a big olive tree that will live for centuries in memory of the couple!

It is a small olive seedling about 20 cm high. Together with our nursery owners we have studied an ideal size so that it can be easily carried away by the guests while preserving the charm of an olive tree at the same time. Now, think how lovely it will be when it starts producing its olives in August!

The small olive trees can be customized according to the style of your wedding in Italy: they can be packaged in glazed ceramic pots or handmade ‘terracotta’ and further customized by printing a name, a phrase or a date directly on the jar. Moreover, it is possible to pack the olive trees as gift in pretty bags, so to be easily delivered to the guests. 


The ‘bonsai’ of olive tree is perfect for a wedding in a natural or a country-chic wedding in Italy, though it is the perfect wedding favour for any type of wedding as well, as long as it is connected in some way to the location, the style of the party or, either in an emotional or a symbolic way, to the bride and the groom.
Olive seedlings can also be used as an unusual wedding place card.

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