The wedding florist

The florist for wedding takes on an increasingly important role in the organization of the wedding...

The wedding florist

The florist for wedding

The florist for wedding takes on an increasingly important role in the organization of the wedding. The newlyweds aim to amaze their guests with a memorable, unique and original event, where everything is well-finished and studied in detail.

One of the elements that most personalize a wedding is the flower setting.

What does the wedding forist do?

The florist for wedding not only creates flower arrangements based on generic indications, but he/she plans and designs the wedding set, often in collaboration with a wedding planner.

Flower arrangements become fully part of the wedding design. This is why the word ‘florist’ is increasingly being replaced with that of ‘floral-designer’, which perfectly conveys both positions: the florist and the designer. The floral-designer is a creative talent who creates magical settings through the use of flowers and decorative materials.

And speaking of words ...

What is the difference between a flower-seller and a florist?

The exact definition is a bit controversial, as it is an evolving position. We can say that  the flower-seller is currently either a person who sells flowers or who has a flower shop (or one of those pretty stand on the street corners in big cities) and deals with the mere retail sale of flowers and plants.

The florist, on the other hand, is an artisan able to create wonderful flower arrangements (the official definition also includes those who create artificial flowers and those who paint flowers). As far as florists are concerned, we should distinguish those dealing only with the retail sale of their creations ( for instance, when we buy a bouquet for Valentine's Day or a centrepiece for Christmas at the flower shop...), from those dealing with flower arrangements for events, or the so-called EVENT floral-designer, or WEDDING floral-designer.

In most cases a flower-seller is also a florist because he/she prepares bouquets and compositions, as well as selling flowers and plants.
What is not obvious, however, is that the florist / floral-designer also deals with flower arrangements for events. In order to do this, indeed, a more complex organizational structure and specific skills are required.

To define a professional florist there are no formal requirements: there is no national register of florists and, consequently, courses for florists can be held by anyone, private associations or expert floral-designers.
To recognize a good floral designer, therefore, you will simply have to rely on your intuition and your good taste.

How to choose the right wedding floral-designer?

To choose the right floral-designer for wedding, first of all try to understand if you are facing a real florist for events / event floral-designer / wedding floral-designer, and so, make sure that he/she has an organization suitable for weddings set-up.
Once you have checked this, you can choose the right florist, evaluating his/her style.

Word-of-mouth is no longer as important as it was once. Nowadays, indeed, you can make your evaluations through the most powerful means: images. Thanks to the web, you have the portfolio of all the floral designers you want, so you can make a first selection without having to meet them in person!

The most important thing is to find a professional who has the style you are looking for, so you should do as follows:

1. Visit the website and social media pages of the floral-designer, examine the photos of his arrangements and try to understand if you are in the right place.
2. Save the photos you like best and collect them in a folder "Ideas for wedding floral decorations". Maybe you can divide them into subfolders "Ceremony floral decorations", "Centrepiece ideas", "Bridal bouquet", "Original wedding ideas", "Flowers I like", "Wedding colour palette". That will be helpful when you get an estimate.
3. Do the same for several florists.
4. Compare the florists you have found and contact a couple of them.
5. Ask for a quote to the florists you have chosen.

What to ask the florist for wedding?

Do you need to ask the florist for a wedding quote but you don't know where to start from? You just have to collect all the information regarding your wedding that could be useful to the floral-designer, and then to write an e-mail to him listing the information clearly and neatly:
- date
- location
- mood of the wedding
- list of services you need (bouquet for the bride and boutonnière for the groom, flowers for the bridal party, arrangements for ceremony, centrepieces and placeholders, tableau de mariage, photo-booth and guest-book decorations, fresh flowers for the wedding cake...)
- a collect of photos representing your tastes
- possible Regulation of the Church for flower arranging
- number and size of tables to be set up for the wedding banquet

Well, I know it is not easy to find all that information! But if you hire a wedding-planner, you will not have to worry about anything: he/she will choose the right options for you, collect the data and contact the florists.

Once you have the quotes on hand, you can find the right florist for the wedding.

ADVICE! You should not consider only the price; you should choose the florist who has impressed you most for his style and professionalism or the one who you have come into greater harmony with. Keep in mind that the a wedding flowers quote has many variables: if the quote is beyond your budget, ask the florist what are the alternative solutions that would lower the price.

In order to know what is the price of a flower arrangement for wedding ,it can be useful to read here.

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