Tips for a wedding in Italy

At Flower Addicted we will be happy to make perfect your wedding destination in Italy, through the flower arrangements for wedding. We can assist you with designing wedding flowers for the ceremony and for the wedding dinner and party.

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Planning a wedding in Italy

A wedding day is one of the most important in any new couple’s lives, it’s a time to be treasured, but sometimes the planning can be overwhelming because most people have little experience in organising an event. But even so, this part of your journey can be just as enjoyable as your wedding in Italy with the right organisation.

If you are planning a wedding in Italy from abroad there can be even more to consider, as your guests will also have to travel. For people who make the effort however, the rewards can make it all worthwhile.

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The easy way is hire a professional wedding planner for your wedding destination in Italy. It would be an Italian wedding planner, based in Italy but used to having foreign couples. Or it would be a Wedding Planner based in a foreign country, specialized in wedding destination in Italy. So, virtually, you can choose a wedding planner from all around the world!

I really suggest you to entrust a wedding planner for tree main reason:
1 - a stress-free wedding planning and a stress-free wedding days 

Giusy (Marriage and Glamour) deliver the bouquet to the bride.
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Giusy (Marriage and Glamour) deliver the bouquet to the Bride. Photo credit, Bianco Photography

2 - a precious overview of the event design, allowing us and all the providers to give their best, also in the details care....

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...but if you prefer, for any reason, not hire a professional wedding planner, you have to choose a lot of detail for your wedding days , and coordinate by yourself. Let's start!

First you’ll need to think about the kind of celebration you want to hold. Local traditions put the emphasis on weddings at church, lavish wedding flowers and a feast with numerous courses, but you can opt also for an open air ceremony, legally valid or only symbolic.

After this, you have to choose the perfect venues for your wedding days: some brides go for vintage style wedding in a scenic Tuscan wine grove, whilst others prefer the rustic appeal of a barn-yard theme of a wedding in the typical Apulian farm house (Agriturismo or Masseria) and some soak up the year round sunshine with a beach wedding in Puglia or in Amalfi coast.

We are based in Puglia (Apulia), in the South of Italy, where the weather is warm, the sun shines, the sea is perfect and the food is very inviting. We will be happy to provide your wedding flowers for your wedding in Puglia and all around the South and the Center of Italy (Apulia, Basilicata, Sicily, Calabria, Amalfi coast, Umbria, Tuscany...). To see the venues where we have worked, see this map.

If you need help, we can give you free suggestions about your wedding destination in Italy: we know a lot of excellent venues, wedding planners, photographers and other wedding providers that can help you to organize your wedding in Italy. You can see a lot of wedding providers with we have worked in our Love Stories galleries.

For a perfect wedding in Italy, first of all.... flowers!!!

Ok, you have chosen the ceremony, the dinner and the party locations. Now... flowers!
At Flower Addicted we will be happy to make perfect your wedding destination in Italy, through the flower arrangements for wedding. We can assist you with designing wedding flowers for the ceremony and for the wedding dinner and party.
With the tablescape in mind we can create flower arrangements for wedding decor which are dramatically high or low enough for diners to converse. Flower Addicted will ensure your flower arrangements for wedding receptions are just right, not overcrowding the space, but also not letting any area appear empty.

Wedding Planner, Ore Oleyeke (the bride)
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We will work hard on the all important bridal bouquet, designing it to correlate with the style, detailing and shape of your wedding dress.
We’ll be sure the arrangement is an accent piece which stands out amongst the other blooms, but take care to keep a sense of balance with you, the bride, taking centre stage.

A wedding in Italy is all about the couple involved, so if a specific wedding flower or colour is significant to the bride and groom, our flower arrangements for weddings can feature those. We will design together the floral arrangement according your wedding mood. We can opt for a rustic-chic mood, or vintage, bohemienne, baroque, luxury mood... or... a mix and match with all these styles!!! We love eclectic birde that make us weird requests, but we are also so romantic and bon-ton, so I'm sure that we can find the right solution for the design of your dream wedding in Italy.

The wedding flowers we provide will be tailored to what suits you, the type of wedding in Puglia you have planned, and the budget you’d like us to work with.

Stunning wedding flowers from Flower Addicted

As experienced florist we know how important it is to get everything right down to the finest details, just like you, we want your wedding in Italy to be a unique, stress-free and memorable occasion.

When you choose to plan a ceremony and organise your wedding flowers through our bespoke service, we’ll ensure your day is magical.

We are professional florists and we can make flower arrangements for wedding days that exceed your expectations and impress your guests.

So let’s start choosing your perfect wedding flowers in Italy together!

I suggest you to visit first our Love Stories and then contuct us.