Bridal bouquets. How to choose one.

The bridal bouquet is an important accessory, much like a handbag.  It should be made to  compliment the bride’s dress swell as her figure. To choose the perfect wedding bouquet it is important to keep this in mind.

Bouquet peonie
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Therefore, just as with changes in fashion when it comes to bags; varying sizes, styles and colour, the same can be said for wedding bouquets.  There are times when very small bouquets are considered very fashionable, others when large or even enormous ones are most popular. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to bouquets!

As a bride you are told that there are various types of bouquet  to choose from: round bouquets, drop bouquets, cascade or arm bouquets ..and that a bride must choose one which goes in harmony with the wedding dress and the bride’s figure.

This has been true for a long time, but not today. We are living an era where the rules of fashion are a bit removed from the classic bon ton (see Anna dello Russo) and veering instead towards a style where the guiding principle is a disheveled and disproportionate look. 

In addition to this, there is the trend in floral-design towards a more organic style which follows the natural form of the flowers, rather than forcing them to make perfect spheres, glued onto a plastic handle.

This is how we therefore come to the types of bouquets that have become popular in recent years among stylish brides: large, unkept bouquets, rich in flowers and leaves that look as if they have been freshly picked from a garden, deliberately disproportionate and not asymmetrical.

Each bouquet is a unique piece, always different depending on the angle from which you look at it. This results in one being bound to say "no" to the old perfect, round, uniformed and single flower bouquet despite living in and age where just about anything is allowed in fashion.

Take a look in this gallery at all our latest bouquets.

Special Bouquets

For the reasons mentioned above, we can consider over structured accessories or alternatives to the bouquet, such as floral handbags or wrist bouquets as a definite no go. The only alternative to the bouquet that we are happy to offer the bride is a garland of natural flowers.

Bouquet protee
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If  you are looking for a really special bouquet then we can focus on the choice of particular flowers, on the personalisation of the holder and on the colour matching. To avoid common mistakes in choosing such a bouquet, take a look at the trending colours for the 2018 wedding.

Boho-chic wedding bouquets.

The most extreme expression of these new trends is the boho-chic bouquet. An over-sized bouquet, overflowing with flowers and leaves. Being careful not to make it roundish, as long as it is wild, it can be symmetrical or not.


In this type of bouquet feathers or plumes are often inserted like on the pampas and combined with a beautiful head garland for the bride.

Bon-ton bouquets.

It is not  to necessary to choose an over-sized, wild bouquet if the theme for the wedding is far from the bohemian style or if the bride’s dress is more elaborately embellished and therefore needs  balancing with a more discreet bouquet.

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Opting for a large (the small bouquet is really out!) natural bouquet, with a relaxed style that isn't quite “wild” is also considered very fashionable. This look can be achieved by limiting the use of green leaves and choosing larger flower varieties such as peonies, English roses or dahlias, depending on the season.

The of lily of the valley bouquet.

The single-flower bouquet shouldn’t be excluded as an option.

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The effect we are looking for with this type of floral arrangement is that of a freshly picked bouquet. It is possible make room for mono-thematic bouquets when choosing impalpable and fluctuating flowers like lily of the valley.

The lily of the valley bouquet is a firm favourite for brides. Its fragrant flowers, so white, small and delicate, are perfect to compliment any wedding dress. It would be the most requested bouquet, if it were not one of the most expensive. This also explains why it became the bouquet of princesses par excellence.

Is the cascading bouquet option also available?

The cascading bouquet in recent years has not, in fact, been very popular.  This is due in part, to the fact that the overall effect of the cascade bouquet, as well as the drop-shaped bouquet, is often very structured, the result of much cramming and sticking bits together, which is nowadays preferably avoided.

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It is possible however to make room for the cascading bouquet, provided it has a natural, unstructured appearance respecting the natural forms of the branches and flowers.

You now have all the elements necessary to choose the perfect wedding bouquet.

Now take a look at our bouquet collection and let yourself be inspired!

Have fun!