Bridal bouquet, how to choose one.

Have you ever thought of the bridal bouquet as a real fashion accessory? Well, if you are a bride and you want to how to choose the perfect wedding bouquet this is my advice: match it with the dress as well as with your physicality, just like you would with a hand-bag.

Bouquet peonie
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Just like with bags, there are times when small bouquets are in trend, others when they absolutely have to be very large or even oversized. In short, the size, color and style of the bridal bouquet is affected by changes in fashion just like any fashion accessory.

MAIN TREND The perfect bouquet is out. 

We are used to say that there are various types of bouquets: the round bouquet, the drop one, the cascade or bundle bouquet... and that we must choose the shape of the bouquet according to precise rules of proportion, so that the bouquet compensates for the geometries of the bride's dress and physicality.

This has been true for a long time. Today, however, the rules of fashion have moved away from the classic rules and bon-ton (see style influencers such as Chiara Ferragni), to go into fields where the watchwords are disheveled, disproportionate and everything is fine with everything.

This trend leads us to a bohemian style, with all its most recent variations.
If we add the natural trend of all floral-design world, then we arrive at the types of current bouquets.

The most popular bridal bouquets in the last years are large, disheveled bouquets, full of leaves and flowers that seem to have been picked in a garden, deliberately disproportionate and asymmetrical. Each bouquet is a unique piece, always different depending on the angle from which you look at it. 

Boho-chic bridal bouquet

The most extreme expression of these new trends is the boho-chic bouquet. An oversized bouquet, overflowing with flowers and leaves, never rounded, symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Bouquet boho
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In this type of bouquet, feathers or plumes such as pampas are often inserted and, often, a beautiful wreath for the bride is combined with the boho-chic bouquet.
The boho-chic style has been a pioneer but recently is declining in a thousand variations. In recent times, for example, there is a trend to make flowers prevail over green, or even to create boho bouquets completely without green. This is possible only by paying close attention to the types of flowers used and the color palette.

The minimal bouquet

At the same time another trend develops, almost as a reaction, which opposes order with disorder, minimalism with abundance, class with eccentricity. This does not mean returning to round and structured bouquets, but it leads to choosing bouquets of flowers which, while maintaining their naturalness, want to respect the famous "less is more".
So here we are surprised with bundle bouquets composed of a single type of flower or with asymmetrical but no messy bouquets, often without greenery.
Bundles of white roses are included into this category, ideal for a bride who wants to be modern and minimal, but also perfect for balancing rich dresses just as Dolce & Gabbana proposed them some time ago. These are comfortable bouquets to wear because they can be carried with two hands, or on arm or casually upside down, but they certainly require a certain style and a certain bearing so that they do not seem trivial.

Bouquet a fascio
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Elisabetta White

Singular bouquet 

We have therefore given a rule of style: round bouquets are forbidden, as well as all over-built bouquets.
But at this point it is necessary to give another one: the accessories alternative to the bouquet, such as floral handbags or wrist bouquets, are also absolutely out. The only alternative to the bouquet that we feel comfortable giving to the bride is a garland of flowers to be carried by the arm.

If we are looking for a truly singular bouquet, then we can focus on the search for particular flowers, on the customization of the handle or on the combination of colors.

Bouquet protee
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Dried flowers bouquet.

Here is the real new trend of recent times! Dried flowers, bleached leaves, feathers like pampas and all the other grasses. This type of ingredients is really versatile with different styles, depending on how you decide to use them.
A bouquet of dried flowers can be interpreted in different ways, from boho to minimal, from rustic to glamorous depending on how we conceive it.


Camilla Anchisi; Flower Addicted;
Alessandra Linoci

Bon-ton bouquet

If your wedding idea does not want to identify itself with a particular style, but pursue a certain sobriety and elegance, or you have a very precious dress that you want to balance with a more discreet bouquet, I suggest you choose a bon-ton bouquet, among which the classic bouquet of lily of the valley.

Marco Schifa; Flower Addicted;
Flavia Robbe

The lily of the valley bouquet is confirmed as a must for brides. Its white, small and delicate flowers are perfect on any wedding dress. It would be the most requested bouquet, if it weren't one of the most expensive. And this also explains why it has become the quintessential princess bouquet.

Can we choose a casscading bouquet?

Indeed the cascading bouquet for many years was not very successful. This can be explained by the fact that often the cascading bouquet, as well as the drop one, is a very structured bouquet, the result of collages of flowers, which we strenuously wanted to avoid.

Recently, however, a new version of the cascading bouquet is making its way. They are decidedly asymmetrical bouquets, which use the natural flow of the flowers to create geometries that can also go downwards, creating a small waterfall.

Bouquet boho
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So, let's make room for the cascading bouquet, as long as it has a natural, non-constructed appearance that respects the natural course of the branches and flowers.

Bouquet a cascata
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You now have all the elements to choose the perfect bridal bouquet. You just have to look at our collection of bouquets to get inspired.

Have fun!