Floral arrangements for wedding

We are experts in floral arrangements and installation services for weddings and special events.

All installations are designed with care and passion by flower designer Angelica Tricarico. Each client’s floral arrangement is highly personalised and takes form as a result of the synergy between that special something you’re looking for and Angelica’s own creativity. Angelica loves to share the entire creative process with her clients.

The first step towards choosing the floral arrangements for your wedding is deciding which style is most suited to your event. The shabby-chic wedding is now a little outdated, and new trends with a more retro feel, such as country-chic or the latest boho-chic and industrial style are coming to the fore. Read our blog to explore the most up to date possibilities in terms of wedding styles and colours..

What is included in the wedding flower arrangement package?

Our wedding package includes floral arrangements as well as additional decorative objects and accessories. We have a large collection of glass and metal vases, candlesticks and candles, arches for ceremonies, containers of various kinds and objects for the table, cushions, fabrics and all the decorative elements that contribute to creating the scene for an truly unique event.

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The first location to consider when thinking about floral arrangements is the place where the bride herself will be getting ready on the day of the wedding. You really cannot underestimate the impact of a bouquet of fresh flowers in the room where the bride is to have her hair and makeup done and be joined by the witnesses and bridesmaids for a celebratory toast. 

In the South of Italy, it is customary for the bride’s family to prepare a table in their home with an array of desserts to thank all the neighbours who visit the bride before the ceremony.  In this tradition, the dessert-table is of great importance and is therefore also decorated with blooms.

The two pivotal moments of a wedding are the ceremony and reception. The installations for the wedding are therefore created with the intention of drawing  particular attention to the floral arrangements in the Church (or the civil or symbolic ceremony) and the reception’s centrepieces.

Church wedding decorations

In the case of a symbolic ceremony, there are no particular rules to follow, except of course those of good taste.

If it is a religious or civil ceremony the location, such as a Church or municipal house, usually has general rules regarding wedding decorations which must be adhered to.

These rules are dictated primarily to preserve the location, often of great historical and cultural value, in order to avoid causing permanent damage to objects such as wooden benches, floors, balustrades etc .... In some cases, the rules are dictated, instead, by the need for a certain sobriety.

In order to find out what rules apply at the Church hosting the ceremony, it is a good idea to liaise with the parish priest or the sacristan for information, alternatively, visit the Church's website where it is often possible to download the rules regarding wedding decorations.

It is advisable to be aware of the location’s regulations before visiting the floral designer to request a quote, this way you will have a clearer idea beforehand of how many and what style of floral arrangements are permitted.  You will also need to find out if the installation of a carpet is allowed along the aisle or nave of the Church and if a small pew or chairs for the bride and groom are available. In cases where these are not available, they will need  to be requested from the florist.

In general, it is always recommended to decorate the outside of the Church, close to the entrance doors, where guests stand while they wait for the bride's arrival, and where the spectacular, celebratory throwing of rice and petals takes place at the end of the ceremony. A stunning floral arrangement can be the backdrop for these unforgettable moments. As for the interior decoration of the Church, however, the key is sobriety.

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A beautifully decorated isle for the bride to walk along is spectacular, however, this type of decor is not always granted for the reasons we mentioned earlier. Therefore the church decorations often focus on or around the area of the altar.

In most instances we do not like to place decorations on the main altar where it is often already very decorative, as in the case of the Baroque churches.  We prefer instead to concentrate our attention on the focal point of the ceremony, that is the bride and groom, placing floral arrangements that optically frame them such as two tall vases on either side of the table or the pew.

Wedding centrepiece

When it comes to decorating the wedding reception, however, there’s no limit to what can be done! The reception’s centrepieces can often be the most fun to create alongside the floral designer.

The possibilities to personalise the designs are endless.  From the choice of flowers and colours to the combination of all the accessories that can be used on the table such as cake stands, vases, candlesticks and candles, that combined with choice of tablecloths, menus and mis en place will make every wedding centre piece unique!  Click here for the latest wedding design trends for 2018.

If you have chosen a daytime wedding, the floral installations are given centre stage. If, instead, you have chosen an evocative evening wedding, then you can create a special centrepiece combining floral arrangements with a myriad of candles scattered on the tables to compliment the atmosphere.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the creation of a centrepiece for your wedding, but we can categorise them into a few main styles. Before going to see the florist, it is a good idea to decide what type of tables will be used at the reception as the centerpieces will be completely different depending on whether round or imperial tables are used.

A round table (or square), needs a central centerpiece, which can be high or low depending on tastes and context.

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We recommend very high centrepieces only in cases where the reception is being held in a large room with high ceilings . A mixed variety of centrepieces where some tables have a low centrepiece and others a high one, is also very popular,. A higher centrepiece, however, due to the need to maintain the floral composition in proportion with the supporting structure, although spectacular, will tend to be more expensive.

In the case of the popular imperial or rectangular tables, however, we can create a centrepiece using individual arrangements, placed next to each other, perhaps alternating with candles or other decorative elements. Here floral arrangements can also be high, low or mixed.

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Alternatively we can opt for a floral runner, or a continuous centrepiece, that follows the whole line of the table, creating a full but very natural effect. Often these runners are mostly composed of green foliage alternating with flowers, for a very luscious green look.

You can also create runners composed of only flowers. In this case both the amount of flowers and the construction of the runner will require a considerably higher budget. The floral runner is suitable for both daytime and evening weddings. In the case of the latter we will ,of course, incorporate votives and candlesticks along the sides of the runner or among the flowers.

Floral arrangements for your dream wedding

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Flower Addicted makes your dreams come true. Each floral arrangement is highly personalized and comes to life thanks to the the synergy between that special something  you’re looking for  and  Angelica’s creativity.

The creative approach, the research of the materials and the personalisation of the floral compositions made solely for your wedding with fresh flowers, will make it exclusive and unique.

Angelica loves sharing the whole creative process with her clients. She has a natural propensity for a sober and elegant style but, there’s no denying her enthusiasm for even the most extravagant of requests that usually come from eclectic souls, sensitive to art and design who want to impress their guests with original and sophisticated floral decorations and accessories. The result is a unique style that adapts to her customer’s requests ... but without ever losing sight of good taste!

We are able to supply not only flowers for weddings, but also candlesticks, lanterns, vases, and all the accessories that help to create the setting for an exclusive wedding. We work in the most beautiful locations in central and southern Italy. From the green Tuscan hills and  the ancient farms of Puglia, to the Amalfi coast. Dream locations that require special attention in the construction, assembly and dismantling of wedding setups.

Floral arrangements for special events

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Flower Addicted creates floral arrangements for every kind of event. The flowers and installations are selected and designed with care and passion by our flower designer Angelica Tricarico. The realisation of the floral arrangements for an event involves all of our staff who specialise in the preparation, the delivery, assembly and disassembly of the decorations.

How much do wedding flowers cost?

Floral arrangements

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Our floral arrangements are designed and made entirely by us, handcrafted, in our laboratory in Terlizzi, a town north of Bari.

We use highest quality flowers and accessories for every one of our events. The materials used for our creations come from all over Italy and from different locations around the world.

Unique items with special details, carefully selected during our travels. We have a large collection of objects: glass and metal vases, candlesticks and candles of various kinds, structures for events and ceremonies, many types of containers and other sophisticated objects.

Olive sapling

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The wedding favour is a beautiful gesture, a small gift with which the couple thank their guests for attending the reception.

We propose an olive tree as an ideal wedding favour for a rustic or rustic-chic wedding but it is also suitable for any type of wedding, as long as it can be linked to the style or to the bride and groom in a symbolic way.

This is a small olive sapling, much like a Mediterranean version of a bonsai tree. Unlike a bonsai, however, this sapling can be planted and grown, becoming with time a centennial tree.

Together with our nurseries we have created a perfectly sized tree which can be easily taken transported home by guests while still preserving the charm of the olive tree.

The olive tree is also works well as a favour for a birth or a baptism ceremony, representing a newly born tree that will grow along with the child.