The wedding in Puglia, Italy

The wedding in Puglia

People ask me why the wedding in Puglia is so special. In the last years I got an idea. I think the wedding in Puglia is special for two main reasons. The first: in Puglia we love weddings so much, so all the vendors are used to treating the wedding day in a sacredness way. Yes, in theme of weddings, Puglia really doesn't need lessons!

The second reason is THE LIGHT. A natural intense glow, reflected in the white stone construction, is this same reason that leads many people to come here in holidays, buy a farm house, and stay there for life. This light warms the body and soothes the soul.

Event productionWedding in Puglia; Photo by Yulia Longo

Puglia is right, but where?

You're thinking Yes Puglia, but where? The crystalline sea of Salento, or the wild nature of Gargano? The history of the Land of Bari, or the Trulli in the Valle d'Itria? It isn't an easy choice, but it will be a true success!

If you are searching for a wedding venue in Puglia, you can visit this MAP, where you can find all the venues where we worked.

Here in Puglia we have a culture of weddings that goes far beyond the imagination! Here, all the suppliers doesn't provide a simple service, but bring off a real mission! Bride and groom are treaties with sacredness and details are minutely taken care.
Italian and foreign couples may enjoy of this special treatment that Puglia reserves to wedding planning.

There are even restaurants specialized in wedding receptions. They offer to the couples very organized and perfect services. No need to think about anything, they think to all. They have an indoor kitchen and you can choose between different menu options. Lot of these restaurants give you an indoor wedding planner, which will assist you for the day. Sometimes this service is included in the price, sometimes not.

If you are searching for highest level of customization, you can opt for different accommodations (private villas, bed & breakfasts, farmhouses, cottages, restaurants by the sea, beaches....), which don't deal exclusively weddings but they are accustomed to this kind of requests. In some cases they have an indoor kitchen, in other cases you will choose an external catering service. It is such a personalized service, so the organization could be more complicated .... but also much more fun. And the result will be no doubt very chic! In these cases I really recommend you to engage a professional wedding planner!

Wedding in Polignano a Mare,   Cala Porto
Wedding Planner Wedding in Puglia;
Location Fly Cala Porto, Polignano a Mare

How to organize a wedding in Puglia?

You can organize your wedding in Puglia by yourself, or arrange for a Wedding Planners, specialized in destination weddings in Italy for couples who come from all over the world.

You can start your searches visiting our galleries, where you'll find all the vendors we worked with (Wedding Planner, photographers, video makers, etc...).
After exploring a lot of destination weddings, you should have a clear idea of what you want: Do you want an alternative wedding or do you love the traditional one? Do you prefer a natural style or do you images a super glamorous event?
Now you are ready to:

a) create your own collection of photos with the ideas you like
b) write down the names of all suppliers that you would like to ask a quote

How long does it take to organize a wedding in Puglia?

Puglia is an exclusive place to have a destination wedding, so you should book early all the suppliers. Arrange for a wedding takes a few months, but if you don't want the risk that suppliers you've chosen would already engaged for the day of your wedding, you should move at least one year before.

What do you have to book before? Church, venue, photographer, florist or wedding planner? It depends on you! What's your priority? Ask yourself what you could never give up: do you want to celebrate the ceremony necessarily in a particular Church? Do you can't really imagine your wedding without that photographer? Anyway, I recommend you to engaged the Wedding Planner for first.

ADVICE! Keep in mind that all the suppliers have a lot of work during the summer wedding season (from May to October). So, if you want organize a perfect wedding, you should define all details by April.

How to choose the best florist for wedding in Puglia?

As regards to the set design of your event, my advice is always to contact a wedding planner if you want high level result. But if you prefer DIY wedding, let's choose wisely your florist.

Wedding planner Sposiamovi
Photo by Gianluca Adovasio

To choose the best florist for wedding in Puglia, I suggest you to research on the different social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest with the right keywords. This socials are based on pictures, so you can find the perfect florist with a quick look. If you prefer, you can do the research also using the IMAGE section of your searching engine. 
In both cases, you can research with these combinations:

"floral designer Puglia Italy"
"wedding destination floral designer Puglia Italy"
"floral designer Masseria _______ "
"florist Puglia"
"floral designer Ostuni"

Select the images that you love and go back to the source: who made the floral decorations? Now you can go on the floral designer web-site and see his previous work. Is his style what are you looking for? In this way you can select two or three best floral designer in Puglia. Now you are ready to ask them for a quote.
When you ask for a floral quote is very important that you specify all the infos you have about your wedding: date, venues, guests number, style etc...
The florist will make for you a first orientative quote, only to detect your budget. Once you reach with him a certain feeling, you are ready to book the date. From then, you can define together all the details of the wedding design.

ADVICE! Make sure the floral designers doesn't give the availability for too many events on the same date.

I hope I've been useful!